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MICHIGAN TREASURE HUNTERS is an organization for those people who enjoy all kinds of treasure hunting. Metal detecting coin and jewelry, relic hunting, bottle digging and ghost town searching, to name just a few. A bonus treasure is found in the fellowship with others who are also interested in our hobby-treasure hunting!!!

In existence since 1974, our club's primary objective is the promotion of treasure hunting, while keeping proper conservation measures in mind, and teaching correct treasure hunting techniques. Our club's motto is "WE LEAVE IT CLEANER THAN WE FOUND IT."

1st time guests are always invited to attend one of our Michigan Treasure Hunters meetings free.
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MTH Autumn Weekend Hunts (pictures from past events)

Link:MTH Autumnweekend 2009
Link:MTH Autumnweekend 2010
Link:MTH Autumnweekend 2011
Link:MTH Autumnweekend 2012
Link:MTH Autumnweekend 2013

Monthly Meeting Schedule

June 28th ....7:30pm Speaker Pat Heller about Consumer Protection Tips When Buying and Selling Precious Metals. Also see info on our Tips From The Pros page. (see Heading Above)

July 26th ....7:30pm Speaker will be Captain Tom McMullen, a Great Lakes Sea Captain

August 23rd ....7:30pm

Upcoming Events:

Can Am Hunt

John Stymelski Veterans Park 14275 Stark Rd Livonia, MI.
It will be held on August 28th (Sunday) this year.
All hunt details still to be firmed up, but there will be multiple free hunts and one optional hunt with a nominal fee. Food and drink to be provided by MTH with members also being asked to bring a dish to pass.
Festivities will likely start around 1130am as a first hunt (10:30am registration start). Then lunch. Then likely 2 more hunts after lunch. Will likely follow same layout as previous years - clad and silver and gold etc. will be given away. Raffles, including a detector, are planned.
More details to follow in the Prober.
Posted by Jerry W.

Keep an I out for next Prober

Latest Event

MTH Autumn Weekend ... September 23-25th
Sharon and Larry mentioned that only 17 have signed up so far, they need at least 30 or the hunt will be cancelled. Signup / Entry Fees need to be in by September 1. See latest Prober for details.
Sharon and Larry Prested

Note from Ross: Sharon and Larry do a lot of work organizing this event. Please get those Entries in early, make it easy on them. They have enough to worry about and do. Knowing the exact count of people helps them know how much to buy and bring to the event.

  • Latest Events
Found on land and in water.

A MTH member's finds for 2016

Yes it is out there.
You just have to get out and find it.

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Found on land and in water.

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We invite you to visit us or attend an event. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.

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